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  presented at the XXXVIII-th International Apicultural Congress of APIMONDIA in
Ljubljana, Slovenia


  The 46th APIMONDIA International Apicultural Congress,
Montreal, Canada,
September 8-12, 2019

Targul National al Mierii, Editia a 18-a,
16-18 Martie 2018,
Bucuresti, Platforma Apicola Baneasa,
B-dul Ficusului Nr. 42

6th International Mugla Beekeeping and Pine Honey Congress,
15-19 October 2018,
Oludeniz, Mugla, Turkey

Targuri Apicole 2018

2nd International Marmaris Apitherapy & Apicultural Products Symposium,
14-15 October 2017, Marmaris, Turkey

Al X-lea CONGRES NATIONAL DE APITERAPIE, cu participare internationala,
6-10 octombrie 2017, Sibiu, Romania

Targul Mierii Campina,
24-26 februarie 2017

XXI Apislavia Congress,
15-18 September 2016, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Al VIII-lea Congres de Apiterapie, Expo si Atelier practic cu participare internationala,
IASI, 30 octombrie -
02 noiembrie 2015

Targul de Miere,
1-2 octombrie 2011, Bucuresti

Targul de Miere,
12-13 martie 2011, Bucuresti

Targul de Miere, Bucuresti, 28-30 august 2009

Primul Simpozion National de Apiterapie si Apipunctura,
Bucuresti, 12 iunie 2009

Targ de contractari pentru Apicultura
Bucuresti, 3 aprilie 2009

Hazards of Pesticides to Bees
10th International Symposium
Bucharest, Romania
October 8-10, 2008
Second Announcement

Symposium on General Management and Best Beekeeping Practice
"Beekeeping Simple and Clear"
Bucharest - Romania
September 11-14, 2008

Traditional Holiday of Ukrainian Beekeepers
Savior of the Honey Feast Day
Visit to Kiev, August 17-19, 2007

1st Balkan Countries Beekeeping
Congress and Exhibition
29 March - 1 April 2007, Istanbul, Turkey
"Balkan Beekeeping Honeymoon"


Balkan Federation of Beekeeping Associations





Homepage > News and Events > Calendarul Targurilor Apicole din 2018

NEWS: Calendarul Targurilor Apicole din 2018

  • APIMELL - International Trade Fair of Beekeeping Apiary
    Products And Equipment

    APIMELL is the major national Trade Exhibition specialized in the sector of beekeeping since 1983 and it’ is entering its thirty-fourth Edition.
    Apimell this year confirms growth and for the third time will open the pavilion 3 in addition to Hall 1 for a total of 8000 square meters dedicated to the beekeeping apiary products and equipment.
    Apimell also will be filled conferences organized with key industry associations: ANAI - FAI - UNAAPI and Piacenza APAP.

    APIMELL was specifically conceived to meet the needs and requirements of all operators in this sector, thus becoming established as:
    - Annual event for everyone who is exploring all possible technical and operational solutions for bee breeding and management as well as production, processing and packaging of hive-related products.
    - Crucial meeting point providing information and up-to-date contents as regards the current status and future perspectives in this business area, through a qualified program of conferences organized in partnership with the leading associations in the apiary business: FAI – Federation of Italian Beekeepers, UNAAPI – National union of the Italian beekeeping associations, ANAI – National association of Italian beekeepers and APAP – Association of beekeepers of Piacenza.
    - Comprehensive showcase for natural beehive products for food, cosmetic and healing use.

    The latest edition of March 2017 was the year of the record, and the 2018 edition confirm the same numbers:

    - there are 15 Foreign Countries at the fair: Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark , Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Slovenia, Poland, Romania, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom.
    - There are also exhibitors represented the following countries: Bulgaria, France, Ireland, Switzerland.
    - the total number of direct exhibitors was: 127 (including 26 foreigners).
    - the total number of foreign exhibitors represented: 6.

    Visitors of 2017 edition
    - we recorded more than 33,000 admissions.
    - countries of origin: Italy, France, Switzerland, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, China, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Poland and Jordan.

    Date: March, 2018
    Service area: National and European
    Entrance: 10.00 EURO
    Opening Time: Thursday - Friday : from 9.00 to 6.00 p.m.
    Saturday Sunday from 9.00 a.m. to 6,30 p.m.
    Exhibition Space: 8000 sqm
    Where: Piacenza - ITALY

    Piacenza Expo SpA
    SS 10 – loc. Le mose – 29122 Piacenza – Italy
    Tel. 0039 0523.602711
    Fax 0039 0523.602702
    Email: commerciale2@piacenzaexpo.it

  • Targul National al Mierii - Editia a 18-a

    Perioada: 16-18 Martie
    Localitate: Bucuresti, Platforma Apicola Baneasa,
    B-dul Ficusului nr. 42, sector 1
    Organizator: Asociatia Crescatorilor de Albine din Romania
    Persoana contact: Asociatia Crescatorilor de Albine din Romania
    Telefon: 021 233 40 19; Fax: 021 233 40 17
    E-mail: acaromania@rdsmail.ro

  • Targul Apicol Oltenia Ramnicu Valcea - Editia a VII-a

    Perioada: 31 martie - 1 aprilie
    Localitate: Ramnicu Valcea, Scuarul Mircea cel Batran,
    Zona centrala a orasului
    Organizator: Primaria Ramnicu Valcea in colaborare cu Placerea Naturii si Asociatia Apicola Scundu
    Persoana contact: Tanasoiu Ionut
    Telefon: 0745 593 990
    E-mail: tanasoiuionutcristian@yahoo.com

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